Baby Capsule Compatibility Chart

Wondering which capsule fits which pram?

We’ve put together this handy guide to help simplify the whole process of working it out… 

How to choose your capsule and pram combination

If you haven’t already chosen one, it is recommended to choose your pram before your capsule. You’ll want a pram that you love, as it will likely be your lifeline for the next two to three years depending on your lifestyle. Make sure you look for options that have a higher weight limit. Aim for at least 17-18kg. Many prams go up to 22kg+, so there are options available that will last the distance.
Once you’ve chosen your pram, you can then use our handy capsule compatibility chart to work out which baby capsules are able to be used with your chosen pram.
Now that you’ve narrowed down your available capsule options, it’s a good idea to consider things like the size of the vehicle it will be installed in, how long you’d like to use it for (some can last longer than others), or whether it needs to fit alongside other car seats.

It is important to note that most capsules will require the use of additional adapters to attach the capsule to the pram. When using your adapters, make sure you use the safety strap if one is available. Whilst your capsule may click into the adapters, it is worthwhile taking extra safety measures to keep your baby safe.

Please note: Some pram manufacturers have updated their prams, and/or discontinued some pram adapters. This means that not all adapters are available for purchase new, and some prams may not fit some older styles of adapters (This includes brands such as Baby Jogger, Mountain Buggy, iCandy and Phil & Teds.)
We are working on updating our chart to reflect the changes made by the pram manufacturers.


Premature and low birth weight babies

Not all capsules are suitable for transporting low birth weight or premature babies.
If you are in the situation where you need to transport a smaller than average baby, please get in touch for personalised advice, suited to your individual situation.

Still unsure about which car seat is the best option for use after a capsule?

Even if you choose to use a baby capsule for the first six months of your babies life, it is still recommended that the next car seat you choose is either a 0-4 or 0-8 child car seat. These are much better suited to a child under the age of 12-18 months than a car seat advertised as suitable from 6 months+. 

When moving from a capsule to a convertible car seat, most children will need the infant padding removed from the convertible car seat.  The padding may force your babies legs together if left in too long, or increase the chance of overheating. Car seat padding compresses during a car accident. Leaving it in doesn’t offer any additional safety benefit. Refer to your car seat manual for a complete overview of your child restraint.

It is recommended to try your child in any car seat you plan on purchasing. 
Where do your child’s shoulders sit in relation to the height markers?
Is it age appropriate? It is recommended to rearward face until a minimum of 12 months, however, it is much safer to rearward face until 2 years.
FACT: In Australia, there have been no reported cases of leg injuries in rear facing children. (Rearward facing does an amazing job of protecting their neck and spine though!)

If you are unsure about which car seat or capsule with best suit your needs, please get in touch, and we can help you work out what will work best for your family and lifestyle